Bags Of Flavor, Manchester specialise in custom bags, handmade bags, vintage clothing and more, please have a look around the online shop.

About Us

I started making record bags for local DJ's  in the 90,s on and off and in 2000 opened a shop in Affleck's Palace on Church St in the Northern Quarter, Manchester, selling my bags as well as vintage clothing and sportswear. In 2007 Bags Of Flavor moved just round the corner into 55 Oldham St but at the end of 2009 I moved again to my new shop which is 33 Tib street  ha-ra!

Almost all my bags are made from recycled materials, and vintage sports goods but I also use the finest tweed and leather fabrics. All the bags are hand crafted in Manchester and are genuinely one of a kind as the materials I source are often rare and unique.

I pride myself on finding unique materials which I transform into Bags Of Flavor. I am happy to make bespoke bags from fabrics found or owned by my customers which often have a sentimental value to them and I am also prepared to try and find specific fabric on request within reason. In most cases I can make and supply a custom bag within 10 days.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my Bags Of Flavor and other vintage clobber which is constantly being sourced and updated so please check back soon 'cause you never know what I might find next!

Keep digging...! and always have fun. follow me on instagram bagsofflavormcr